Beat the Pain

The Endometriosis Treatment Your Doctor Will Never Tell You About

As an Eczema and allergy sufferer since birth, it was not only terribly sore, it was also incredibly frustrating to think that I simply had to live with the itch and manage my world around it.

For years I smothered myself in all sorts of creams, lotions and potions with continued flare-ups, discomfort and embarrassment over this dreadful skin condition that I was assured I would ‘grow out of’.

Imagine how life changing it has been to find a totally natural solution, that has completely cleared up my eczema. Within weeks of discovering a nutritional option mylife completely changed – no more itching, raw, weeping or scaly skin.

I am not natural specialist (in fact I’m not into all that ‘stuff’ at all), nor am I a medical person, but I could not keep this to myself. I have discovered how to stop the itch and would like as many eczema sufferers and their carers as possible to learn how I have done this so they too might find a way to live, pain free.

Treat your eczema from the inside out.

Learn how the skin works, what eczema is all about and the simple nutritional solution that can get your immune system working properly to stop the itch.

“You can learn how to stop the itch – by working with your body.” – A. Martin, Tasmania

Lisa J. Faith, former Eczema victim, endured conventional skincare treatments since birth and finally discovered nutritional therapy as an adult which has enabled her to stop the Eczema itch. She shares her story and others along with insight into this awful disorder and the solution she found that has rid her body of Eczema.

In the second book in her series, Heal Yourself With Nutritional Therapy, you will discover:

  • Everything you need to know about Eczema and how the skin works

  • How to help children and adults with the disorder

  • The traditional treatments available

  • What nutritional specialists have to say about the causes of Eczema and the solutions

  • Find out why your doctor is unlikely to mention nutrition as as solution

  • Discover the shocking facts about most skincare products

  • Learn simple remedies and solutions that really work

  • Discover the vital minerals and vitamins that can help your body beat Eczema from the inside out

  • PLUS read other stories from Eczema sufferers who have done just that…

Lisa J. Faith was born with this awful skin disorder and she now controls her Eczema, it doesn’t control her and she did this simply by giving her body what it needed to heal itself – learn how you can do the same.

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Hi Lisa I just finish reading your book on eczema, thank for taking the time to share your journey and knowledge.

– W Murphy, Cork, Ireland.

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