“Don’t Scratch it!”

Oh if I had a penny for every time my Mum said that to me! It’s the most unbearable thing you can say to someone covered in Eczema!
Unless you suffer from this disease, you can’t really explain how an eczema itch is something you don’t simply tolerate, it is something that owns you.

The nights I use to lie awake, tense and clutching the bedsheets into my hands, trying to find a cool part of the bed and perhaps then relenting and letting myself scratch just a tiny bit, or just for 5 seconds…anything just to relieve the crawling, tingling, searing itch.

After being tested for all sorts of allergies it was confirmed that I was allergic to “everything” so I was put on a restrictive diet and kept away from animal hair, woollen clothing and anything that might trigger my itching.

What I learned much later in life is that it’s not just cutting out and avoiding triggers that is needed, but also what you add in that really counts. Having started using nutritional therapy I discovered that if my body gets what it needs, the issue goes away. What is really exciting is that I believe eczema is caused by a hyper-sensitive immune system, and certain nutrition helps balance this and get it functioning normally.

Of course, everyone is different and this may not work as well for you or your children who suffer from eczema, but if it could, wouldn’t it be worth looking into? I’d be happy to answer your questions about eczema and nutrition.

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