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What you don’t know could be killing you…

For years many people told me if I was feeling tired I should get some Iron, to take Folic Acid while I was pregnant, have Omega Oil for healthy joints, or extra Calcium to protect against arthritis…all wonderful suggestions, but what types of food have these vital nutrients?

We all know we need to eat a healthy balanced diet, but do we know the Vitamins and Minerals our body needs to not only stay healthy but to prevent degenerative disease that could lead to an early death?

What about getting the right amounts so we don’t cause other issues? What about simple things like overcooking that could deplete the goodness, or if cooking actually improves the nutritional value?

It’s all so confusing….

That’s why I have prepared a very simple, easy to read and understand book that contains information of all the vital nutrients we need to stay healthy for longer and where to find them in the food we eat.

It also includes the enemies of each nutrient and tips and advice so you can gain a better understanding of what works best.

For example, did you know that soft drinks inhibit the ability to absorb Omega-3 from your diet? Omega-3 is a super-conductor for your body, helping it to absorb the goodness from all sorts of other foods. Yet if you drink a soda when you eat, you might be denying your body what it really needs!

And what fruit actually provides increased goodness if it is cooked? What vital mineral is depleted when it is cooked?

What you don’t know could be killing you, or at least shortening your life.

Now you can get hold of my FREE guide Live Healthier For Longer so you can learn the vital nutrients you need and where to get them from in your diet. Simply join the Lisa J Faith community and we’ll send you your FREE Copy.

What if you want to lose some weight and this book showed you the nutrients that help the body metabolize fat?

Or if you have painful arthritis, thinning hair or eczema? Would you like to know the simple nutrients you can add to your diet that will help your body deal with these?

Join now and get hold of your own FREE copy of Live Healthier For Longer and we’ll also keep you updated with tips and advice to help you heal yourself with nutrition.

To the best of your health
Lisa J. Faith

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