Help Your Child Stop The itch

Help Your Child Stop The Itch

I was an Eczema and allergy sufferer since birth and it was incredibly difficult for my Mother to deal with. Bloodied sheets every morning, red-raw and itchy rashes all over my body, allergic reactions to just about everything including food intolerance, animal hair and pollens.

All she wanted to say to me was “stop itching” but she knew I simply couldn’t…It must have been heartbreaking to go through all of that.

For years she smothered me in all sorts of creams, lotions and potions with continued flare-ups, discomfort and embarrassment over this dreadful skin condition that she was assured I would ‘grow out of’, but nothing worked and still as an adult, I had Eczema.

Now I have found a nutritional option,  that within weeks of discovering it, completely cleared up my eczema – no more itching, raw, weeping or scaly skin. I wish someone had shared this with my Mother all those years ago.

I then met others who have treated their children with nutritional therapy and helped their children to stop the awful itch and give their children a normal life and decided I needed to share this story.

I am not natural specialist (in fact I’m not into all that ‘stuff’ at all), nor am I a medical person, but I could not keep this to myself. I have discovered how to stop the itch and would like as many Mothers who have children with eczema to learn about the nutrients and minerals you can add to your child’s diet so they too might find a way to live, itch free.

This book is dedicated to helping parents and caregivers of children with eczema to understand their child’s skin disorder and how to deal with the itch from the inside out.

Lisa J. Faith, former Eczema victim, shares her story and that of another mother who discovered nutritional therapy that has stopped the eczema itch in their family.

“You can learn how to stop the itch – naturally.” – Sandra H, Queensland Australia, Mother of twin boys who suffered with eczema and allergies until she found a natural solution.

In the third book in the bestselling series, Heal Yourself With Nutritional Therapy, you will discover:

  • Everything you need to know about Eczema and how the skin works

  • The traditional treatments available to treat eczema

  • What nutritional specialists have to say about stopping the itch

  • Effective, natural treatment solution for children

  • Find out why your doctor is unlikely to mention nutrition as as solution for your child’s itching

  • Discover the shocking facts about most skincare products

  • Learn simple remedies and solutions that really work

  • Discover the vital minerals and vitamins that can help your child beat Eczema from the inside out

  • PLUS learn the dietary tips and specific nutrients that can help

Lisa J. Faith now controls her Eczema, it doesn’t control her and she did this simply by giving her body what it needed to heal itself – learn how you can do the same for your children.

Click here now to stop your child’s itch so they can start living a normal life..

“This is the first book I’ve read which suggested considering the eczema from the point of view of an allergy or inflammation caused by environmental factors. As I kept reading I saw more and more possibilities for links to why my autistic son has eczema. I had already found out that his autism improved when I started giving him large B12 supplements, but I never connected the eczema to the same type of deficiencies. So much to experiment with now, although we’re already trying to get some of the chemicals out of our food and house environment (I have PCOS, my aunt who lives here has endo) because we’ve been making the connections with the hormone disruption from foods but I don’t know why I never connected the eczema to it all.” – Nicole Hernandez

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