“But I’m not stressed!”

Having trouble sleeping? Putting on weight? Skin breakouts? Migraines? Constantly sick?
perhaps you don’t ‘feel’ stressed but your body is telling a different story.
Stress is fast becoming one of the number one health concerns, because it can be the leading cause of so may ailments.

When you are stressed, your adrenal glands produce something called Cortisol. It’s your ‘fight or flight’ mechanism.

Back when we were cave men & women, when something stressful happened we ran or we fought. But now, with more sedentary lifestyles, we can be totally stressed out, yet stay sitting in front of the computer, which means our systems get flooded with Cortisol and that’s not good.

Diet, exercise and meditation are all factors that can help reduce stress,  but what if there were certain nutrients we could add into our daily lifestyle that not only helped reduce stress but also managed the Cortisol levels our Adrenals produced?

This new book being written by Lisa will be released soon to help guide you on the specific nutrients that can help your body cope with stress.
This won’t be a tips and tools to de-stress your life, it will be a solution to help your body deal with the stress of everyday life.

If you want to ensure you are on the launch list for this book, please click here and register. 

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